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How to Save and Improve Laptop's Battery Life

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How can I increase the battery life of my laptop???Yes,the proper laptop battery care will help you to increase the life of your battery. Using the proper techniques may extended your battery life to longer than you ever expected and helps  run your laptop without charging for long period of time Following changes will help you to extend the battery life of your laptop.

1. Disable your bluetooth and switch off your wireless card

Bluetooth and wireless consumes lot of battery of your laptop.If your bluetooth and wireless start searching a device and network respectively  the use of battery will be tremendously increase.  If you don’t use any of these services simply disable and switch off it.

2. Avoid extreme temperature

The room temperature greatly affects the laptop battery life. Therefore choosing the best place and room temperature will be very helpful to extend your laptop battery.

3. Don’t use external devices

External devices like USB cable, USB mouse consume  lot of battery. Therefore it will be suitable avoid using external device .

4. Use power saving option

If you are smart enough you should be aware about this power option fact. On windows 7 and vista you will see power saver option with the click on laptop battery icon. If you are using window xp click power saver option from your control panel. If you are mac user use energy saver option from system performances.

5. Dim your LCD screen

The maximum brightness you use there will be maximum battery consumption,  therefore dimming your screen will helps to consumes less battery.

6. Close down the unnecessary program

Various unnecessary program might be running in your laptop which will consume your laptop power. Close down all the unnecessary program.

7. Don’t use multimedia as far as possible

Its better not to use multimedia during the laptop running on battery. If you are using it low your volume down. If you are not using multimedia make your volume mute.

8. Don’t use CD,DVD,Blue ray disk

Try to run the program from your hard disk as far as possible. Using Optical drive consumes more battery power.

9. Go for small one

If you are about to get a new laptop, choose a laptop with smaller screen and LED display.

10. Care and maintainence

Don’t leave the laptop in direct sunlight and if you don’t use you laptop for a certain period then you should first discharge your battery and recharge.

11. No games, music and videos

Avoid the things like playing games, listening to music and watching videos. I know it would be hard for the people who loves entertainment but entertainment consumes more battery power than you ever imagine.
Therefore avoiding games, music and videos is one of the best way to save your battery power.

12. Follow the full charge system

When you start charging your laptop charge it fully.Don’t unplug or discharge your laptop when it is charging. This also helps you to increase the overall battery life of your laptop.

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