Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tips Mengubah Nokia N70 menjadi N70 Music Edition

Tips Mengubah Nokia N70 menjadi N70 Music Edition
How to Change N70 to N70 ME:

Make sure your handset is fully charged.
1 - Download NSS go to the bottom of the page and download.
2 - Download NSU
3 - Once you install NSS, click on scan for new device, make sure your phone is connected via usb(dku2).
4 - Once your phone details
appear, click on the phone info tab, then click scan in this tab, then there are three blank boxes, on the one written product code, type in 0536418, then tick the enable box, then click on write, this will only take 2 seconds. Now exit NSS.
5 - Open NSU, then making sure your phone is conncected follow the steps, hopefully it should say there is an update, if it says you have the latest firmware, just click on reinstall and follow the steps, this will now download a 46MB file, and will install ME sotware on your phone.
6 - When your phone starts up again, it should start up with a green background...there you have it N70 Music Edition.

* Note:
* you must have 256MB of ram for installing NSU.
* you must have ups.
* you must have broadband connection because to download nokia firmwire frm nokia site thru nsu and its about 47MB.