Saturday, May 09, 2009

Changing Operator Logo Handphone

Changing Operator Logo:

You will need FExplorer (or X-plore). Also the image you want to set as Operator logo should be 97x25.

I'm assuming that the image that you want to set as your operator logo is saved in your MMC. Now follow the steps given below.

1. Open FExplorer (or X-plore)
2. Go to C:\system\apps and check if there is any folder named "phone" or not.
3. If there is no "phone" folder then create one and then go inside the folder and create another folder named oplogo.
4. If the phone and oplogo folder are already there then move on to the next step.
5. Since your image is saved in MMC, go to E: drive and search where your image is located.
6. When you have found out the image you want to set as your Operator logo, click on "Options" > "File" > "Set as operator logo".
7. A message will pop up saying your phone needs to reboot. Click "Ok".
8. After your phone has restarted, your new operator logo would be set.
Thats it. Enjoy.

Additional Note:
* Alternatively, you may use OPLOGO MAN app to change operator logo.
* If your image is saved in phone memory and not MMC then instead of searching it in the E: drive, locate your image in the C: drive.

Follow the steps below to revert back to the original Operator Logo :
1. Open FExplorer (or X-plore)
2. Go to C:\system\apps\phone\oplogo
3. Delete the file you see there.
4. Restart your phone.

Your Operator Logo is now back to how it orginally was.